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What to expect on your first visit

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We understand that everyone’s needs, and expectations about orthodontics are different. At our initial examination, great care is taken to provide you with individualized treatment. We have found that combining a verbal message, with powerful visuals, best provides an educational and effective understanding of the various modalities recommended and treatment options that have been presented.

On your first visit you can expect:

  • To have digital photographs taken of your teeth and your face.Photographs
  • To have a digital Panoramic radiograph of your teeth.Panoramic Radiograph
  • To be examined by the doctor to determine:
    • Is Orthodontic treatment indicated
    • When is the best time to initiate treatment
    • What treatment options are available
    • How long will the treatment last

Our treatment coordinator will discuss the treatment costs, your insurance benefits and establish a payment plan that best fits your needs.

You may be able to start your treatment if indicated at this appointment, or you can schedule an appointment for the diagnostic records and braces to be placed at a future time. If you do begin treatment we will finish the records taking process, which involves taking a cephalometric radiograph and impressions of your teeth.


These are taken at the start and finish of your treatment before the braces are placed and after they are removed.  Records include Panoramic and cephalometric Xrays as well as impressions and photos of your teeth.

Impressions are taken and poured into plaster models of your teeth. The models of your teeth are needed so we can see exactly what the relationship of your teeth are prior to and after treatment.

ImpressionsThen we also take an additional Xray called a cephalometric radiograph.  This allows us to take measurements of your jaws and skull.

Cephalometric Radiograph

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