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Retainers are for life

This week I have enjoyed seeing two patients who I created beautiful smiles for over 10 years ago.  Both patients had lost their removable retainers years ago and had their fixed retainers either break between 2 teeth or had come unglued from a tooth.  As always both patients were seen for a complimentary retainer check.  One was fixed within minutes.  The other had a small space opened up between the front teeth.  He was sent away for 3 days with some elastics to close the space prior to my repair. Both patients were charged less than $200 for the repairs and were then advised to have their lost removable retainers replaced in case any future changes were to occur.

Teeth move throughout life mainly due to the forces involved in chewing.

The reason we make all our patients both fixed and removable retainers for the top and bottom teeth is that we know removable retainers can get lost and so the fixed retainers would keep the smile beautiful.  If the fixed retainers were to break or detach from a tooth then the removable retainer will act like an aligner and keep the teeth straight. One way or another our aim is to keep your smile beautiful forever.

If you have lost your retainers or know that you have a breakage of your fixed retainers  please contact us for a free assessment sooner than later so we can prevent irreversible changes from occurring.  We have never changed the prices for retainers as we really want our patients to keep their beautiful smiles for a LIFETIME. Please call us for an appointment if you want a coplimentary checkup.  Also please note we moved to our new office on 30 W. El Rose drive a few years ago.

EmBRACE Technology In Education

My mission for this project is to create a partnership with petaluma dentists in an effort to support PEF (Petaluma Education Foundation) in their “Impact Grant Program”, which funds technology needs in local classrooms. In particular I would like to fund Chromebooks for the classrooms as there has been over 600 requested this year.
What is a Chromebook? A Chromebook is a personal computer running Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are designed to be used while connected to the Internet and support applications that reside on the Web, rather than traditional applications that reside on the machine itself. They are approximately $300 each to purchase.
How do these help in the classroom? Kids are able to work on their projects, and the work is saved instantly. Teachers are also able to assign tasks and check on their students work at any point in time. Kids can continue their work from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.
How can you help? Please donate a minimum of $300 which is the cost of one Chromebook. all donations need to be collected by Dec 1st 2014. Your donation will help improve the education of kids in this community, who will in turn, impact the future success of Petaluma.
All the donations received will go directly to PEF and will be fully tax deductible.
How will you be thanked:All donors will be mentioned in the PEF literature and on North Bridge Orthodontics website for their kind donations. There will also be media coverage associated with this community effort.

Let us show the community how just a few peoples generosity and sense of community can make a huge difference in the future of so many children!!

if you would like to know more about the use of Chromebooks in the classroom please go to Chromebooks at School

Thank you to the kind donations made by the following doctors who have helped make a difference to education in petaluma.
Dr. Ashtiani $900
Dr. Mangrum $600
Dr. Boyer $300
Dr. Sinclair $300
Dr. Yee $300
Dr. Koffler $300
Dr. Chan $300
Dr. Lane $300
Dr. Szyperski $300
Fortune Management – Laura Boone & Bob Leonard $300
Dr. Chan $300
Dr. Allen – Petaluma Oral Surgery $300
Dr. Nizibian – $300
Dr. Heitman- $250

North Bridge Orthodontic’s retainer design saves you from trauma related tooth loss

At North Bridge Orthodontics we have always emphasized the importance of maintaining the beautiful smiles that we have created.  This is why we have always placed both upper and lower fixed retainers and also given each of our patients clear upper and lower removable retainers. The unique design and placement of our fixed retainers not only allows us to be able to place the retainer in the upper arch but also allows our patients to floss the contact points of their teeth relatively easily. We are also proud of the fact that our retainer design has actually helped save a few of our patients upper teeth.

In the last 10 years our practice has seen 4 incidents where sports related trauma would have caused avulsion (tooth knocked out) but due to the presence of the fixed retainers the teeth have actually been kept in the mouth.  The teeth were then pushed back into their original position using the clear Invisalign type retainers that we also provide all patients at the end of their treatment.

Most recently one of our patients called Dr. Claudia on a Sunday saying his tooth had been knocked out by a head butt in a basketball game.  Dr. Claudia requested the patients take a photo on their cell phone of the affected area and send it.  The photo revealed the tooth was almost out of the mouth but was being held in by the fixed retainer wire that is placed from canine to canine. The patient was instructed to push the removable retainer in position till it fit normally.  This allowed the teeth to be moved instantly back to their original position.

The patient was then asked to keep the retainer in for as much time as possible and was prescribed OTC pain medication and a soft diet. The patient was advised to see a a root canal specialist as soon as possible so that the vitality of the teeth involved could be assessed. Sometimes the involved teeth do not survive the trauma and end up requiring root canal therapy due to nerve damage. In some cases the tooth will survive but will start changing color due to internal bleeding. When the tooth is bleeding internally it will start changing color.  If treated by root canal therapy quickly the color change will be less obvious and internal bleaching will be less necessary.

Sports related injuries are very common and could be easily prevented by mandatory mouth guard wear.  Once orthodontics is completed custom sports mouth guards can be made at the same time retainers are made. At North Bridge Orthodontics we make custom mouth guards and retainers using the same technology the raiders use for their mouth guards. The colors can be customized. The mouthguard will fit for the rest of the person’s life.

Thankfully we have successfully saved the teeth and therefore maintained the integrity of our patients beautiful smile and most importantly prevented the loss of their front teeth






Great day out on the bay for the North Bridge teams

Dr Claudia and most of the North Bridge Orthodontic and Endodontics team members spent a fun day out on the bay celebrating the teams achievements in winning the judges best float at this years Butter and Eggs Day Parade. The weather was amazing and lots of fun was had by all. We sailed from San Rafael to the city and went under the Bay bridge and Golden Gate Bridge as well as touring along the city skyline. We even got to see a few dolphins and seals and some of the Americas Cup sail boats.





Patient Appreciation Event


Bring your friends along to our shaved ice event


Most beautiful bride with a beautiful smile!

I was privileged to be invited to share Katrina’s special day this weekend. We worked hard together over the last few months perfecting her smile. Her cooperation with elastics was outstanding and because if this, we were able to achieve amazing results in a very short period of time. Thank you Katrina for allowing me to be there on your special day, it was truly an honor and I wish you and your husband a life filled with lots of love and happiness !!!


Free shaved ice with friends

North Bridge Orthodontics is celebrating the end of another school year by providing free shaved ice for our patients and any of their friends who would like to come visit our office.


North Bridge Orthodontics wins the Judges Special Prize at this years Butter & Eggs Day Parade

Video of North Bridge Orthodontics Winners of 2013 Butter and Eggs Day Parade

The team at North Bridge Orthodontics came together this year to create the award winning Peggy Sue Got Braces float. Many of their Friends and family also helped to create this masterpiece. Gabby headed the project and met with the downtown association to select the theme. This year the overall theme was “Past and Present”. It was decided that because the movie “Peggy Sue got Married” was filmed in Petaluma we would have to modernize Peggy sue and improve her smile!!!!

Special thanks to our artist Jon Hirschmugl at www.theartofjonny.com who created the artwork and the owner of our 1948 truck Jim Galvin who generously allowed us to use it. Also thanks to John Magnelli who drove the vehicle and patiently waiting for the event to unroll. Also I would like to thank our patients who came out to support us and walked in the heat with the float handing out goodies.

Most of all a very special thanks to the whole team at North Bridge Orthodontics who came together and in the spirit of team, worked tirelessly to put together the float. I am so proud of the TEAM as they have shown great leadership and without any of my interference they not only made this happen but won it too :)

Good Job to all involved.

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