Getting Braces Off

This is an exciting day for most of our patients and we are asked many questions about how this appointment will be.
The appointment to get your braces off usually takes 2-3 hours. The actual removal of the braces that can be seen in this video only takes a minute.
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The appointment starts with you and Dr. Claudia Karkia looking at your teeth to make sure that everyone is happy with the way they look before the braes come off. We then get the teeth ready for placement of both upper and lower fixed retainers from canine to canine as can be seen in the video below.

Once this is complete the braces are removes and the remaining glue is removed from the teeth which takes upto 5 minutes.
Once all the glue is remove molds of your teeth will be taken and poured up with plaster so we can make your removable retainers once the plaster is set (usually takes about an hour to set).
After the molds your teeth will be polished to make them look shiny and pretty again.
Finally the panoramic and cephalometric xrays will be taken along with the final photos.
Then you will wait for an while so we can make your removable retainers. Once the retainers are made we will fit them into your mouth and teach you how to keep them clean and how to floss.

We will then see you after a month to check on your retainers.

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I chose this office for my orthodontics because my dentist got his braces done here and he recommended it. Everybody was really nice.

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