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BrAce Rewards

Our patient incentive program is called “North Bridge Br “ACE” rewards.” The purpose of this program is to motivate and reward you for taking the steps to stay on track with your treatment.

North Bridge Br “ACE” rewards are earned when:

(No Br “ACE” rewards will be earned unless proper hygiene is demonstrated)

  • You demonstrate proper oral hygiene with brushing and flossing
  • None of your appliances are loose or broken
  • Your scheduled appointment is kept and you arrive on time
  • You have been faithful in wearing your elastics and other Orthodontic appliances
  • checking in on Facebook/twitter etc when you arrive at your appointment

Bonus “North Bridge Br “ACE” rewards” are earned when:

  • Earn: 5 Br “ACE” rewards by visiting your dentist for a dental cleaning while your braces are on.
  • Earn: 25 Bonus Br “ACE” rewards for referring a friend who starts treatment
  • Br “ACE” rewards” are not given during emergency appointments.

Br “ACE” rewards” are not given if teeth are not clean at start of appointment, or if you are scheduled for repair of a broken bracket.

The $25 broken bracket fee can be paid for with 100 Br “ACE” rewards.

Each Br “ACE” reward is worth approximately 25 cents. We will have prizes ranging from $1.00 to $150.00 and beyond. You will have the option to gamble Br “ACE” rewards in a drawing that will be held every few months. This drawing will contain prizes such as I-Pads, DVD players, stereos, etc. You can also save your rewards and redeem them for prizes of your choice. Please come to see the prizes that are available and as always we welcome your suggestions.

BrAce Rewards you earn can also be used to enter for the raffle which is held two / four times a year.

Each BrAce Reward is worth one raffle ticket.  You may enter as many raffle tickets as you have for each drawing.

Usually a new patient to our office will pick the ticket so that there is no bias.

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Dr. Karkia was extremely nice. The staff was very nice too. I really like how softly they touched my teeth. I really liked having braces. Everyone always says that you have a better picture- Perfect smile. But I am also psyched I have them off!


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