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Reasons to choose Dr. Claudia

At North Bridge Orthodontics our patients will always receive personal one-to-one care. Dr. Claudia is the only orthodontist in our full time practice and therefore you are guaranteed to see her every time. Dr. Claudia is also the only female orthodontist in Petaluma. We are a “family-based” office and consider our patients to be part of our extended family.

  • Oral Hygiene is very important to Dr. Claudia and she is committed to teaching her patients the proper way to care for their teeth. To help ensure a beautiful smile Dr. Claudia uses Opal Seal (which is a surface sealant) on each tooth to protect them from getting decalcifications/ white spots/ scars around the braces.  We also offer Br-ACE rewards with great incentive prizes including: I-pods, Nintendo DS, PSP, etc.  We are always open to suggestions of new prizes.
  • We have a warm and friendly environment with an emphasis on fun.
  • We offer many financing options including a flexible interest free monthly payment plan, as well as no down payment options.
  • We use digital x-rays which emit the lowest radiation exposure available. All x-rays are done on site, eliminating the need for additional appointments elsewhere.
  • We have a CT scan machine which can take 3D images that enable us to have more accurate diagnosis
  • We utilize state of the art sterilization on all instruments and equipment for your guaranteed safety and health.
  • We are an environmentally friendly office. We use minimum amounts of paper and have digital patient charting. All of the treatment information is entered directly into the computer, and any forms that are completed by our patients are immediately scanned.
  • Dr. Claudia is one of the only Orthodontists in the area who places Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s) where indicated, to obtain the best results possible.
  • Patients are initially given all supplies they need to keep teeth clean to make their orthodontic experience the most positive. This includes a travel ortho-supply kit.
  • Dr. Claudia is always available for emergencies.
  • We supply patients with two sets of retainers: fixed retainer upper and lower and clear removable retainers.
  • Dr. Claudia has a cool games room and patient entertainment rooms for you and your families comfort and enjoyment!
  • After treatment has been completed Dr. Claudia monitors the retention of her patient’s teeth forever!


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    Thanks for the braces! It was fun having them on! It was exciting and joyful! Again thanks!

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    You can view photos of our fun parties & many happy smiles created by Dr. Claudia Karkia at North Bridge Orthodontics.

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